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18x24, acrylic spray paint on canvas, 2015, commissioned.


Saint Rita was an Italian widow and nun who lived from 1381-1457. When she was a baby, on the day after her baptism, a swarm of white bees was seen flying around her head, with bees gently going in and out of her mouth. This was taken as a sign that she would lead a virutous and devoted life. Later in her life, Rita received the forehead wound of Christ while she was meditating before a crucifix, and she bore this stigmata for the rest of her life. Roses are often associated with Saint Rita due to a story about her last days before her death, when she asked her cousin to bring her a rose from her old home. The cousin was doubtful of finding a rose in bloom as it was January, but when the cousin arrived to the garden, a single rose was in bloom.

Feast Day: May 22

Patronage: impossible causes, wounds, sickness, marital problems, abuse, mothers


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