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Kevin Cannoot

Artist & Designer

Kevin was raised in a moderate sized northern Indiana town by a practicing Episcopalian mother and a non-practicing Catholic father. Never spiritually uplifted from going to his family’s church, he sought alternatives.  While studying for his BA at Purdue University, he was exposed to Eastern traditions and was motivated to go deeper into Buddhist philosophy from a non-personal encounter with the Dalai Lama in 1999.  A lifelong artist and designer,  Kevin discovered a unique way to merge his eclectic spirituality with his artistry in 2007 during a pilgrimage to India with his yoga instructor, Sarah Tomlinson, student of the late Harish Johari. Sarah introduced Kevin to the practice of creating Yantras— ancient sacred geometric diagrams— while staying at the home of the great master teacher and author, Johari. Kevin began creating yantras for personal meditation and soon began sharing this practice and teaching others to create yantras as part of the courses and curriculum at the yoga studio he co-owned with his wife in South Bend, IN. 


As he deepened his practices, he became a devotee of the great Indian saint, Shirdi Sai Baba, and it was Baba who guided his relocation to Columbus, OH.  Kevin continues to draw inspiration from Baba and the Divine Mother in all her forms, including the Blessed Virgin.  Kevin believes that saints are all around us, in many and all forms. He has recently returned with new appreciation to his Christian roots and is captivated with the art of Christian mysticism in the traditions of both Catholism and the Eastern Orthodox. His current sadhana is to create inspirational pieces that guides the beholder into the heart with a rekindled knowledge that we are all called to be saints. 


Kevin lives in Columbus, OH, with his wife, Brooke, and their two little godesses, Gaia and Uma.

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