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18x24, enamel spray paint on canvas, 2014, second in series.


Saint Ambrose (ca. 340-397AD) was a bishop of Milan and one of the original four Doctors of the Church. He was noted to be a great influence on Saint Augustine, who converted to Christianity during Ambrose's term as bishop. Ambrose was a fervent supporter of the poor, a skilled diplomat, and a promoter of non-violence. He was known as the "honey-tongued doctor" due to his smooth and eloquently convincing sermons and writings, many of which included metaphors relating to bees and beehives, and these became traditional symbols of St. Ambrose.  In addition to his patronage of bees and beekeepers, Ambrose bestows his grace upon candlemakers, students, and the city of Milan, Italy. His feast day is celebrated on December 7th.


Additional paintings in the series available by special request, please contact me.

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